Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

We have been working with Dealers Network for 7 years. We cannot say enough about the opportunity that is offered by Dealers Network. If you are serious about being in business and wanting to own your own sales center this is the way to go. The support that is given with a staff that has years of experience in the industry cannot be beat. We thank Dealers Network for our chance and the help and support they have given us through these years that has paved our road to success. We couldn’t be happier.

Cesar Granillo – Best Buy Homes

I was in the mortgage financing business in 2001 focusing on Manufactured Home Loans. One of the dealers I was doing financing for told me about the Dealers Network program. In soliciting local dealers for finance business, I learned of a dealer who was looking to move on and get into something else. It was at this time I inquired as to what it would take to acquire his dealership from the Dealers Network representatives.It just made sense to make the natural progression. I saw opportunity within program to grow financially and have or acquire my own business for a fraction of the start-up costs of a traditional opportunity. I knew that if I were to get ahead in life financially, I needed to quit making lots of money for others and make lots of money for me! I have NEVER looked back and would NEVER go back to working for someone else again. This statement is easy for me to make as I am blessed to the point financially that due to the program and my execution of it; I will NEVER have to work for anyone else again.The Dealers Network program works. It is tried and true. If the rules and guidelines of the program are executed properly and one really wants to be their own boss, one cannot fail. I think the program is truly fool-proof. While there may similar programs available, I do not know of them. Nor do I know of a program or business opportunity, one can get into that offers the degree of financial reward relative to the financial investment needed to compete and be successful in today’s very complex business environment.

Ron Bishop – The Home Source

Dealers Network/Associated Dealers gave us the wonderful opportunity to own our own dealership over 24 years ago. With their help, support, knowledge and years of experience, we have become a very successful retailer! We appreciate the continued, positive experience we have had we Dealers Network and would recommend the program to anyone wanting to join the industry. Thank you Dealers Network for the opportunity, support and positive relationship that has developed over the years.

Bobby & Suzanne Jorgenson – Mohave Homes, Inc.

I was introduced to Dealers Network/Associated Dealers in the fall 1995. I had been working for a company for 13 years selling Manufactured Homes and Automobiles.I always wanted to have my own business, I ran a couple sales offices and had the experience that Brad and Dennis were looking for. So we gave it a try, 24 years later still going hard. I have never meet two more wonderful people that work with me in the hardest of times and the best of times.I have learned so much in the past 24 years and still something different seems to come up all the time. So I just work through it. I have never seen a company that supports their dealers and is like a family. We are all helping each other to succeed in business. I am grateful to be associated with Dealers Network. They have a proven business plan that works. This business has really changed my life; I am able to help people that are less fortunate, and to give people a job. Thank you Brad and Dennis for trusting in me.

Mike Reed – Redrock Homes

Over the past 17 years I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with and be a member of the Dealers Network/Associated Dealers organization. Dealers Network has been the keystone to my dealership’s success and longevity. Through this “family” and their support, my business was able to withstand the lean times and excel through the booms. It is obvious, to me, that Dealers Network cares for my success and provides me the tools necessary to do so. I would recommend anyone interested in their own dealership or expanding their current one in becoming members of the Dealers Network family.

Mark Coble – Quality Home Center

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